Location, Location, Location

Deciding on the location of our property was a big decision (seems to be a lot of those lately). As I said in my first post it took me awhile to warm to the idea of moving back to the country. So you can imagine deciding on a location for our future home was even harder. WA and I guess Australia in general has a lot to choose from. Interstate was never really in the picture, I like being close to family and friends, so with our families predominately based in WA, we had narrowed it down to a state. We always enjoyed weekends away in the Margaret River Region, so for us this was our dream location. That Dream was shattered pretty early on when we researched the area and saw exactly what we could buy that was with in our budget. After this we had to really think what were the aspects we liked about the region, here’s our short list we came up with:

  • Proximity to Perth
  • Close to the Beach
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • High rainfall zone
  • Decent soils
  • Tourism opportunities for our property/business

With that in mind, the next location we looked into was Denmark, this area is close to Ashby’s family but a long way from mine. I didn’t like the idea at first, but eventually came around. What would buy us a block in Margaret River with nothing on it (no power, no water, no house), would buy us a block in Denmark with a dam and an average house. From here we widen our search to include Walpole and Pemberton. These areas have lots in common with the Margaret River Region except the proximity to Perth.

Denmark was on the cards right up until Christmas time. During this time we looked at a property and started to think maybe getting a good buy wasn’t going to be as easy as we thought. The particular property we looked at had a house on it, but it was in terrible condition (so much so someone was living there rent free). We still kept our search open to include Denmark and surrounds but we were moving away from this location.

We returned to looking at properties in the Margaret River Region, a few that we saw originally were still for sale. With the market slowing down we thought we might actually be able to afford our dream location. In January we looked at a property 15 mins from Margaret River, I couldn’t believe our luck! When we got there the property was quite nice, BUT the house was right on a very busy highway. With our dreams dashed again, we started looking at a town inland from Margaret River. It wasn’t a town we had seriously considered before, but it was far enough out that the prices were with in our budget. We liked the idea of being close to the Margaret River Region, the proximity to Perth and not too far from the beach. It was also still within the high rainfall zone, which was one of the most important factors given the decline in rainfall in recent years.  We viewed a few properties here, and had finally found our location and “the one” (more on that later).

Funny how no matter what and how much you research, maybe some things are just meant to be! Be patient when choosing your area, although as Ashby says ‘you can always move if it doesn’t work out’.

Are you looking for that perfect location to live? Did you find it hard choosing where to live? What are your tips to choosing the perfect location?


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