Easter weekend

WOW what a weekend!! Well an extended 6 day weekend. Not a whole lot of relaxing happened over that time! We didn’t really stop the whole weekend. Although we did manage to fit in the local markets, a neighbouring show and dinner at the pub.

First few days were overwhelming (there’s that word again), I was happy to find out Ashby also felt like this. There was quite a bit of clean up that needed to happen (I think we both underestimated this) lots of odd jobs including fixing gates, cleaning gutters, cutting down trees, cleaning houses and so much more. We were extra lucky to have lots of helpers spaced out over the entire time. Here’s what we completed in the 6 days.

Day 1 – We got to the main house and unpacked the car and had a look around. It’s amazing what you miss at a final inspection. We also went to look at all other main infrastructure including the cafe house, old house and two sheds. The main house wasn’t too bad, but needed cleaning. It seems the owners had done lots of DIY jobs and never quite finished them all, or made strange choices in some cases. All of this was a bit disenheartening to start with. Anyway, first thing was to vacuum the main house, as this is where we were staying. Ashby doesn’t really clean, so he went to inspect something that seemed to be urgent.

Day 2 – Included a quick trip into town to check it out as well as the markets. The town  was a lot bigger than I remembered.
After our little outing it was back to work again! First up was the cafe house, which needed to be cleared. Lots of furniture and other items were left in this house. We are lucky we’ve got the old house to store the bits and pieces we wanted to keep. We stored all those items, but others needed to be thrown out. This started our ‘tip’ pile. This activity took way longer than expected,half a day for 5 people. After removing all the items, you could tell this house needed cleaning as well.

Day 3 – We were all full steam ahead to keep cleaning and clearing. We cleaned the bathrooms in the main house and the entire cafe house. The boys cleared the sheds and made a huge ‘tip’ pile, the cafe house ‘tip’ pile had nothing on this!

We’re all pretty buggered by this stage and are happy to sit down at night and relax.

Day 4 – Ashby’s parents were leaving today, so we decided to get as much done while we had two extra pair of hands. We cleaned up around the main house yard. There was an old electric fence not in use that needed to be removed, some whippersnippering (if that is even a word) and pruning bushes just to make a path to the clothesline. Today was definitely an odd jobs day! By the end of the day we were even more tired and sore!

Day 5 – We had a skip bin delivered by a local company, the owner who delivered the bin seemed to know more about our plans for the property then we did… The small town chatter has already started! Haha oh well! I didn’t get to meet him but he seemed very friendly which is nice to know. We spent a lot of time filling the bin, supposedly light items first then heavy and repeat. Seemed rather technical to me and not sure Ashby thought I would take it so seriously, either way that first skip bin was extremely well packed! After this my parents arrived and we showed them around. We didn’t manage to get a handover before the weekend, so Ashby used this time to figure out the water system. You take a lot of simple things for granted in the city, like running scheme water and even garbage collection. Both of which we will not have at the property. But I love rain water, so fingers crossed we always have enough rain to keep us going.

Day 6 – Our final day! I would have probably been a little more unwilling to leave if we hadn’t been so busy. I had for sure had enough and was ready to go! Despite my grumpiness we still managed a few more odd jobs and also filled up our second skip bin. As we are going to rent out the property the real estate agents came out to run through what we had done. They were both shocked and amazed at what we had all accomplished so that felt good.

Not sure when we’ll be back, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Hopefully we will have some tenants soon to keep the place up to scratch and in the condition we left it.

Tips and Takeaways

1. Make a list of jobs and prioritise. We did this everyday and with out it we would have been lost. There was so much we could have done, it was impossible to finish in the time we had.

2. Take photos. I think it’s important to know what it looked like before. You forget and when you look at your handy work it almost feels like you’ve done nothing!

3. Don’t underestimate what you can achieve in a few days, while we are exhausted and probably our families are too, seeing what you’ve achieved it makes it all worthwhile.

4. I don’t like strange noises at night, I didn’t sleep that well. This sucked as Ashby slept great! I was told by our real estate agent, I’ve turned too city! Probably true, although in my defence up north we don’t have possums that crawl around on and in the roofs all night.

5. You really can’t beat the scenery, space and clean air.

6. Last but not least, I’m kinda glad it needs a little bit of work and love. The property feels more like ours after working hard to clean it up.


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