ANZAC Long Weekend

The dreaded drive home! After sitting in bumper to bumper traffic at the start of our trip and then towards the end it’s a rather frustrating finish to the weekend. And then I realised one day we won’t have to go through all of this, our long weekends if spent at the property, will be spent at home and there won’t be the dreaded drive back! Now that’s something we are really looking forward to!

This weekend included a few more odd jobs but I think Easter took it out of us, so this weekend wasn’t as hectic which was nice. Apart from the odd jobs we also had time to relax. We went to the local ANZAC service (although it wasn’t a dawn service), visited a nearby natural pool and tried some local cheese.

We also had friends visit on Sunday which was lovely! Ashby’s friend was happy to help out and spread the alpaca poo piles! For those of you that don’t know alpacas poo in the same spot, rather strange but I guess in a clean sort of way. Only thing is no pasture grows in these spots, hence the reason the piles needed to be spread. Of the nine paddocks I only had to do two and the boys did the rest (so I got away with that one).

We were able to take lots of photos and really take it all in about what we had just bought! There is lots of work still to do, but I think tackling it slowly is definitely the way for us to go. Little obstacles will keep coming our way, like today we decided to buy an electric oven for the cafe house. Little did we know it didn’t actually come with a power cord (funny now, not so much then). So we’ve added that to the electricians to do list. But in hind sight the little obstacles don’t matter and we realise how lucky we are that we can afford to slowly set up the property the way we are. Next will be making sure all the odd jobs are complete so the houses can be rented and finishing off our property plan!

Any tips on creating a property plan? How did you go about it? Any helpful software?

Waler Horse IMG_4707 IMG_4681 IMG_4670 Staring at a duck (he wasn't allowed to chase) IMG_4829 IMG_4638 Red Breasted Robin IMG_4823IMG_4804 IMG_4800  IMG_4777 daily walk Billy staring at the emu'sDogs enjoying the open space Natural Pool Rain Gauge (70Ml makes a big difference)


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