May Update

Since our last post “We” have been busy organising and planning. The “we” includes our real estate agents who have been great! We sent through a job list and they have been coordinating everyone.

A shower has been installed at the cafe house, the oven is fully functional after an electrician installed a power cord. The handy man has been around to quote expected time it will take to complete our list and provide rough costs. This was about triple what we were expecting so will need to prioritise there!

Tenants moved into the cafe house about two weeks ago. They are an older couple and apparently the husband is quite handy so can do things around the place which will suit us! Maybe even some painting, so fingers crossed.

Just over the weekend, we had a family move into the main house. They have two children and apparently the husband is a roof carpenter and they are also open to the idea of painting! Sounds too good to be true at the moment for both houses so will see how it all pans out.

Planning is coming along well, we are using business plan template from Government website ( as a guide which has been helpful. The main items for action this year are:

  • Ashby complete his horticulture course
  • Lime & dolomite program
  • Finish all the odd jobs that need to be done. Fixing doors, gutters etc
  • Finish the plan! We are so close, that I think we’re stalling on that last bit, so we just need to do it. This will include planning what we want to grow. We will note this information on a satellite photograph of the property.

view of the property

From now on the posts will be a little more spaced out because we aren’t living there yet. Renting both houses out will be great help so we can save enough money for when we eventually move and want to start growing things. We are still not sure what to grow, but I think I’ll get Ashby to write a post about the concepts we are planning to follow.


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