First Inspection

What a weekend we had a few weeks ago. We watched two of our friends get married on Saturday in Yallingup, Sunday saw us meet with a local earthworks contractor at the property and Monday was our first inspection of the houses since May. We also managed to squeeze in the time to meet some of our neighbours.

I think we have to stop jamming in so much into one weekend, but it’s so hard when you don’t live close by to organise things. Much easier to organise face to face and actually meet the people you are dealing with.
The earth works meeting went well. This is for a government grant that we are applying for to fence off the brook and a few other things. I will let Ashby tell you more about that in a subsequent post if it all goes ahead (keep your fingers crossed)!

The inspection went well looking back now,  although it was very overwhelming at the time. We tend to get this feeling once we have visited because there is so much to fix with the houses and land and when you are not there everyday you can’t slowly chip away. On top of this our hired handyman hadn’t really ticked off many items and we met the tenants for both houses. The tenants had a lot of questions and suggestions which we weren’t prepared for. The place in general has been very well looked after, our agent has been great in managing the tenants and property for us.

The main house tenants (the house we will move into) has too many horses and we have since found they are actually eating the wooden fence posts! Apparently it’s quite common, the tenants are going to replace the posts and hopefully any further damage will be minimised. The old house has some minor water damage, but has weathered winter rather well considering the amount of rain.

We met the neighbours behind our property and the ones across the highway. It was nice to meet people and share contact information in case anything comes up for either of us.

We have lots of things to plan after our visit. Number one will be listing our fix it jobs, so we can actually start ticking some off! We are very lucky, as we have a handyman living in the cottage house to help us out.

That’s all for now, feel free to email if you have any questions. I’ll leave you with a few photos from the weekend.


lane way has seen quite a bit of traffic with the horses


dam looks nice and full, hopefully we can fix it so it stays this way in summer

lounge room main house

lounge room main house

Their fridge was too big! considering knocking our this wall

The fridge was too big, we are considering knocking this wall down.

kitchen in the main house

kitchen in the main house


cottage house

Shower in the cottage house

Shower in the cottage house

Checking the tank levels

Checking the tank levels


Look at those posts!


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