My ah ha moment

So just recently I had my ah ha moment with our future plans. You’re probably thinking you bought the property in April and it’s taken you 6 months?! Scary? Well some of us take a little bit longer than others (I.e Ashby probably had this moment more than a year ago, least I caught up right?!)

So back to my moment. Ashby read a book recently and has been begging me to read it. Call it my famous stubbornness (which my mum swears I got from dad), but it took me awhile to start, but I’ve finally got there!

The book is called Fair Food edited by Nick Rose, if you’re interested in sustainably grown, eco friendly food or in general think supermarket giants are dodgy this is a great read. It is a collection of short stories of personal journeys on the subject of fair food  (click here to view the book, click here for a related website).

The book, some stories in particular is exactly what we are all about. Sustainable, environmentally friendly food, where the supply chain is fair and equal for farmers. Rather than the current supermarket duopoly (a word I learnt), where farmers become price takers instead of price setters.

Someone the other day said that sounds rather hippy, and it probably is to a lot of people. But the reason why hippy has such a bad reputation still to this day is beyond me. Yeah they might have been a bit Psychedelic back in the day. But all in all that was a sterotype. For you to like nature and want the best for the earth so we get to experience it for longer, I can’t understand  why that’s laughed at these days. Especially with all the research into climate change etc.

I’ve decided this statement actually made me proud. I replied yes my husband is very hippy. I’ll be honest I’ve already set boundaries and told him he can’t grow a beard to the ground and is still required to wear shoes (so the sterotype isn’t lost on me yet). But the concept of sustainable food and growing our own food is very exciting.

We can use our property to sustain our family (if/when that happens). We get to be proud of the produce we grow and make our landscape better and more fertile. We can rear our own animals and have an entire ecosystem on 15 hectares. Something we can control and create how we want and with what we want.

Whilst everyone won’t agree with our way of living or what concepts we will follow. That’s ok, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and way of growing things. But we will be concentrating on our own way of doing things, following concepts that we value and think could work. Could is definitely an important word here, because some things might not turn out the way we’d hoped, but as they say “in order to succeed, you must first fail”. Here’s hoping we don’t have to fail spectacularly first!!

Does this book sound like something you would like to read? Have you already read the book? Tell us what you think.


6 thoughts on “My ah ha moment

  1. Good on you Caitlyn and Ashby. I hope all your ideas become reality. Would love to come and see your property one day. By the way, I have some clothes from the Hippy era. It was a good time. Love Dinie.


  2. Great post lovely! Being true to oneself and having the self awareness to live according to your values is a very noble aspiration and one no doubt you will achieve. All the best to Ashby in his new venture!!

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