Has it really been a year?

I have been thinking for some months now that I REALLY need to write a post to update you all. Well what I didn’t realise was it has been almost 12 months since our last post!! WOW time flies. It’s been so long I nearly forgot my password!

When I was thinking back to what’s happened in a year,  I realised it’s been quite hectic for us personally and for the farm. So I thought I would summarise and later expand on some key activities in subsequent posts (I’ll try to not keep you all waiting a year again!).

So personal things first. Ashby changed careers a year ago and moved from construction into landscaping. A big change and a move that has worked out well for us, minus a little extra money we could have saved, but as they say money can’t buy happiness. This has been great and meant Ashby has learnt skills to assist us with our set up of the farm and getting used to manual labour early (he tells me it wasn’t easy, hopefully given I’m rather delicate I won’t have to do too much in this area 🙂 don’t like my chances though!). Also on the personal front we’re expecting our first child mid November. Rather exciting and scary all at the same time. But lucky for you all, this has pushed me to writing these posts before we become a family of four (best not forget our dog Billy). Or for when we become a couple of nappy changing zombies, which ever way you prefer to look at it. But I do hear it’s very rewarding and all worth it.

Ok, so back to the farm. In the past year:

  • The tenants have stayed on in the two houses, we’ve tried a few handy men who seem to be scared of our long list of jobs
  • Ashby has salvaged two pumps and a hedge trimmer that were left when we took over (awesome!)
  • He also built from scratch a fire fighting unit, which was needed to complete the burning of some wood piles (must say it turned out pretty well).
  • We had lime and dolomite spread on the paddocks.
  • The back house nearly ran out of water, turns out the pump was just broken (the water set up is rather convoluted, one of the things Ashby is keen to change).
  • Ashby has been collecting “helpful” items for when we move. Pots and other things from his work, I am told you just wait Caity we are going to need all of this. We have been keeping these items  in the shed at the farm which works much better for me than our front yard in Perth!
  • One of our largest activities completed was the brook restoration project (fencing off the brook and planting of trees)
  • the start of (one of) our food forests
  • Ashby completed a Permaculture Design course and designs for our farm are well underway.

We’ll expand on these last three in later posts. Here’s a few photos from our trips down to the farm over the year. Until next time.



3 thoughts on “Has it really been a year?

  1. Great reading caitlyn.
    Look forward to more updates later……if you find time after the arrival of baby.
    Love the fire fighter..well done ashby
    Love kerry xx


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