2017 plans

Happy New Year all! I can not believe how fast 2016 went. I have a feeling that 2017 might go past even quicker!

We had a baby boy (Arden) at the start of November and this has been a learning experience for us all. This has brought a whole new perspective to our plans and timeline to move to the farm. Arden is now 13 weeks old so I feel as though we have made it through the rough first weeks and feeling a little less tired to write a post while he sleeps.

We had our first stay at the farm as a family in January, this was nice but rather uncomfortable given there is no furniture there. While we were there Ashby was working on fixing the water system to make it more efficient. The old system was pumping water from the bore directly to the troughs, these will now be gravity fed from a re-purposed tank instead meaning the pump doesn’t need to run as frequently.

2017 might just be our busiest yet with the farm. It will still consist of planning and knowledge gathering. But our activities will increase with the likely move sometime in 2018 (SCARY!).

We have decided the best way to gather knowledge will be to go, see and work on a farm that is similar to our vision. With this in mind we will travel to the Byron Bay area this year and work on a farm for 2 weeks (as well as spend some time to relax). We found the farm through the organisation willing workers on organic farms (Wwoofers). Basically Ashby and I will work and our food and board will be free. This is something we would also consider offering on our farm in the future.

We are both really excited for this adventure. This will be a test for our family and if we pass it’s likely we will do more Wwoofing prior to moving to our farm. This will be great experience to confirm and build on Ashby’s existing knowledge as well as make any adjustments to our design (yes I’m still working on Ashby to write a post for you on this).

The tenants in the back house (the one we will move into) moved out in November. As yet we haven’t found anyone else suitable. Although this has allowed us to complete some planned improvements, as well as make it more appealing to tenants (goodbye red bathroom!).
Quick look at the Items on our hit list for 2017:
  • Agree budget for start up. The focus will be on the market garden section of our design. We have been basing this on The Market Gardener book which has been very helpful and inspiring.
  • Removing internal fencing. Ashby has found a neat tool which we (ooops HE) will be using. It’s called knockabout. We will let you know how it goes!
  • Finalise the swale design and possibly start earth works
The last two are dependent on what type of tenants we find for the back house. We are hoping they don’t want any use or minimal use of the paddocks in their current layout.

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