One Step Closer…

Hi all, we’ve sold our house! I have waited to post the below blog until finance was approved. But read on to find out how it felt the next day after the deal was done!


So it’s happened. I can’t believe it. I’m still in shock I haven’t even really shared the news far and wide. We got an offer on our Perth home last night, before we went to market. And we accepted it..

If all goes to plan, we will be leaving our first ever home in 6 weeks. I almost feel as though I’m losing a part of myself! Is that weird?! Probably! I said to Ashby earlier this week, I’m not sure I’m ready to leave Perth. Very few of our friends actually live in Perth now but it’s still that central location for everyone to meet and catch up. I’ll miss that.

Work has not been all that enjoyable lately. But still I’ve worked hard and for the most part it was enjoyable. I liked my job up until recently. Now the thought of starting over at a new company or our own company is rather daunting.

That fear of change seems to be so deeply embedded we find it hard to take steps towards a more fulfilling life (what ever that be). Even if we’re not that happy in the one we’re leading.

Ashby for ever my helpful life coach. Reminds me to concentrate not on what we would loose, but what we are gaining. Walking down the terrace this morning, visualising walking in the forest put a smile on my face (during the day obviously, the whole nighttime forest scenario very much still creeps me out.. I’ll get there) Also got me thinking maybe everything will be ok.

The move isn’t imminent, we’re lucky my parents have a house in Perth where we can stay as long as we need. But watch this space, we’ll be starting the Regarians farm planning course next month which will help plan our next steps.

Are you taking a big step? How have you found it?


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