Curve Ball – 2017

A lot has happened since October last year, mostly personal so I’ll cover that in this post. Then I’ll see if I can finally convince Ashby to share a post about the regrarians farm planning we completed earlier this year.

**warning deep and meaningful post ahead**

December 2017 threw a huge curve ball at us and knocked us about. My father passed away suddenly. To lose someone you’ve looked up to for as long as you can remember and thought was going to be around forever, is heartbreaking. We’re managing to stay afloat and use our family and friends to lean on.

Life always seems to have surprises around the corner, some good, some bad. I think we tend to surpress the good when we see so much bad everyday. To the friend/s that are fighting cancer, losing a loved one, the terrible news we see each day, the list goes on.

A lot of my grief has involved ignoring the situation. With a child, in more ways you’re forced to get out of bed on the days you prefer not to and get on with it. They don’t understand the extent of loss, and I guess in a way we try to shelter them from this being so young.

But these life shit-uations provide perspective, unfair perspective but perspective nevertheless. It makes you feel thankful for what is in your life. Your family, friends, children, roof over your head, food etc. The key is to not lose that perspective, but we tend to be unfairly reminded again in the not too distant future.

Life’s too short to be caught up doing something you don’t want. Whether that’s a job, friends with someone who has a negative effect on your wellbeing or other negative situations. Also noting it’s much easier to write this post than actually practising what I write.

Until next time. Caity x


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