About Us

Welcome to our website! We’re Caitlyn and Ashby, here’s a little bit about us and our site.

We both grew up in small country towns in Western Australia and attended Boarding School and University in Perth. I am originally from a small farm 2.5 hours North of Perth, while Ashby is from a farm 4.5 hours South East of Perth. We certainly didn’t stumble across each other at home, we met through a mutual friend while studying at Uni.

Both of our family farms specialised in broad acre cropping with sheep. During summer holidays we would both go back to our respective homes for the harvest period.
I now currently work in the Oil and Gas Industry as a Junior Project Manager for Process Improvements (most farmers including my dad would say huh?!), while Ashby has changed careers from a Contracts Administrator in the Construction Industry to a landscaper.
We enjoy a range of different things. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a highlight for us, I prefer flat water, while Ashby likes the waves. Our family includes our Son Arden and Jack Russell named Billy. The next two come as one normally for us, spending time with friends and family, while enjoying good food! Mostly home cooked, but also nice restaurants.

After almost 9 years together, we were married in January 2015. We also had another life changing moment when we bought 38 acres 3 hours South West of Perth, in February 2015. This brings me to the second section, what this page is all about.

We will add updates of our journey to return to country living. After giving my mother grief for sending me to the city, we’re now taking the big step to return, but it’ll be very different this time. No one is making this decision for us, we are in a totally different region than either of us are used to or know much about. The plan is not to move just yet, but to gradually work the property to enable us to earn income from it and also sustain a family with healthy produce. So now for the research, learning and planning stage.

Follow us on our exciting adventure!


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