Where is our property?
For our own privacy we won’t go into the specifics, but our property is located 3 hours South West of Perth, Western Australia.

Why are we moving to the country?
As detailed in our About Us section, both Ashby and I grew up in small country towns. I think this has had a big effect on us and the reasons why maybe city life isn’t always going to be for us. Another major reason is Ashby has a new found love for horticulture, and we can’t grow very much on our 550m2 block in Perth. In order to sustain our family, then we needed a little more acreage, and we’re excited about what the future brings.

Why aren’t you moving straight away?
To be honest, initially we didn’t know what we wanted to grow/rear! Now after Ashby completed his permaculture design course we have more of an idea. But we are always learning new things. Our dream was to have the property at a stage close to earning income before we move. Given we are 3 hours away we will be moving before this happens. We expect one of us will need to work off farm initially. 

Why did we start a blog?
When we were considering making an offer on the property, I wondered if it was really the right move for us. I decided to have a look on the internet see if there was anyone who had written about their journey. I couldn’t find what I was looking for at the time a part from a few old blogs from other countries that hadn’t had a new comment for more than 1 year. I’m hoping writing about our journey might help others take the big step or at least help with the decision.

Who will be writing the posts?
I (Caitlyn) will be writing most of the posts, but Ashby will contribute to subjects and content. He may even do some feature posts, but if you have any specific questions for him please send the query through and I can pass it on.

Do you have a Facebook page? How can I follow your blog?
Yes we do. You can follow our Journey on Facebook here

What if I have more questions?
Haven’t answered your question? Go to the Contact Us page and send it through, we can then respond directly or respond via a post (so keep an eye out).


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